Company Profile

Premium Plus International Limited is a professional dental disposables manufacturer based in Hong Kong. We produce a range of dental supply products that are setting new benchmarks for quality around the world. Our success stems from our deep commitment to quality through innovative process technology, our understanding of the needs of the dental market and our drive to create industry-leading value. Whether with our own products or our private label partners, our people at Premium Plus International are working to improve dental healthcare around the world.

Our reputation for service and reliability is built on four decades of experience. Since 1972 our President and Founder has worked in the industry, gaining the knowledge necessary to work with the needs of dental dealers and practitioners across all ends of the market, from small clinics to large teaching hospitals. This first hand understanding of dentistry is the reason why every single product that we make meets and exceeds the standards for current dental practice around the world.

Premium Plus International Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2002, with manufacturing situated in Dongguan, China. Our 10,000 square meters of production facilities take advantage of the manufacturing specialisation that the Dongguan region is famous for, so that we can deliver dental products at a level of quality and precision at a cost that is previously unheard of in the industry.

Since the founding of the company we at Premium Plus have focused on dental disposable products. Our team consistently strives to improve our ability with next-generation manufacturing processes, innovations in supply chain and inventory management, and better service in sales. Within the last 10 years Premium Plus has become a leading supplier of dental disposable products, with a range that encompasses almost every usage case in current dentistry.

Along with our production facilities we have a network of subsidiaries in Hong Kong, the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom. We are a truly international brand and committed to our reputation for excellence, value, innovation and reliability. When you choose Premium Plus, you are choosing quality.